Ultimate X Plan | 2018 Coaching Bundle

Coaching Bundle™


COACHING BUNDLE™ - Weekly Forum, 1-on-1 Calls, Annual Retreat, & Three Coaches! 

With the power of the Ultimate X Plan's COACHING BUNDLE™, you can use the power of coaching to grow your business. Get your own 365 Day Season Pass into the Weekly Zoom Forum, your own personal monthly implementation calls with three coaches live, and attend one of our multi-day Private Luxury Retreats in Texas! 

And we're packing even more BONUS CONTENT into this bundle you SERIOUSLY won't want to miss. You won't believe how much value we've slammed in here... (keep reading)... 


You Get THREE Coaches!

For LESS than what ONE coach normally costs...

John Pohly

John has helped mega teams scale to top 1% of 1% in the country. His background in lead generation and building scalable systems for growth and communication are unparalleled in the industry.

Jeff Richmond

Jeff grew a team to over $50M in sales in under 3 years in the industry. His team culture has been emulated and he learned the hard way what worked and what doesn't - so you don't have to.

Lexy Sanchez

Lexy has refined systems, culture, admin, HR, and finance for enterprise level corporations. She has served as an international corporate recruiter and also built a 92 listing business in her second year in real estate.

Here's What's Included ...

365 Day Season Pass - Weekly Zoom Forum ($3,564 value)

"I would NEVER have sold over 160 homes in my 3rd year without coaches." - Jeff Richmond

Yes, coaching works. But, a great coaching relationship (or in this case, three) is designed to move you toward the goal much faster, define the goal more clearly, help you to avoid obstacles on the way there, and ensure you save your money along the way.

At the end of the day, our coaches have saved us millions and helped us earn more than we could've imagined - and now we do that for our clients by helping you to focus on the right things ... at the right times ... with the right intensity to virtually GUARANTEE your success! 

The Weekly Zoom Forum puts you on calls every week with fellow top producers and coaches - all focused on growth and strategy to take your businesses to the next level. Mastermind, discuss, problem solve, and develop lifelong relationships with top level talent from around the world. Best of all, in the Coaching Bundle™, it's included for 48 calls with three coaches on every call!

365 Day Season Pass - Personal Coaching Calls ($3,000 value)

"Knowing what to do is only HALF the battle. Implementation is everything." - John Pohly

The truth is that most agents know what to do on some level. The fine line between frustration and success is called "implementation." Our clients know how to use the knowledge that they get from our courses and that is what creates #epic results.

We realized that most agents benefit from a monthly personal coaching conversation – one-on-one with a coach – to be sure that they are moving in the right direction and avoiding common pitfalls. So, we've included that in the COACHING BUNDLE™ – with three coaches guiding the whole process!

365 Day Season Pass - VIP RETREAT ($1,797 value)

"You almost instantly BECOME the people you spend time with." - Lexy Sanchez

The Ultimate X Plan Team is hosting multiple private luxury retreats this year. These events will be at spectacularly gorgeous private locations in Texas (you have to see to believe).

At each event, we will be training, coaching, implementing, and masterminding the best strategies with you and other top producers from around the country. Surround yourself with great leaders and grow like crazy!

Pick the retreat date that works for you and then live, learn, and get ready to earn!

* COACHING BUNDLE™ participants are guaranteed their own bed, but may share a room. Meals included. Airfare & ground transportation not included.

Coaching Bundle™ BONUSES

BONUS #1 - The Ultimate BUYERS Plan ($297 value)

The Ultimate Buyers Plan is a 4 week course with three coaches designed to help you to create, convert, and close buyer leads in massive numbers. Already implemented by some of the largest teams in the country, our buyer system is industry proven to create a huge number of buyer leads. 

You can rest assured when you power up your follow up engine to convert those buyers to appointments and closed transactions! Make more money, spend less time, and close a lot more transactions with the systems that have made others millions!

BONUS #2 - The Ultimate LAUNCH Plan ($600 value)

When you're growing your business, understanding the exact blueprint to success is so critical. The Ultimate Launch Plan takes you through 52 weekly lessons designed to power your business for a whole year. Designed by all three coaches in the Ultimate X Plan Leadership Team, the Ultimate Launch Plan is your guaranteed success magnet!

Each week, you'll get another implementation plan to set up the critical systems and structure for your business. Want to move to the next level this year and build consistent income into your approach? This is the system to take you there! Learn the step-by-step process to building a great business for years to come!

BONUS #3 - The Ultimate FLIPPING Plan ($297 value)

When developing your long term success plan, you want to build real estate investing into your strategy. Flipping and holding properties is a key ingredient in taking your passive income strategy to the top!

In this 4 week mega-course, we partner with one of the top home flippers in the country to present the strategies and systems for finding, buying, flipping, and selling (or holding) amazing single and multi-family residences to earn a lot more income.

BONUS #4 - The Ultimate SYSTEMS Plan ($297 value)

In the world of mega agents and teams, there is always one thing that ties all the success together ... systems. When you get down to it, systems are the lifeblood that keep a business running smoothly and efficiently.

Here's the secret though - ALL of the top agents in the coutry use the same basic systems in their businesses. The systems being used are tried, true, and connected to produce the maximum results with the least effort at the least expense. In this 4 week course, learn the architecture that supports the best of the best and build your business to lasting success!

BONUS #5 - The Ultimate LISTING Plan ($997 value)

The Ultimate Listing Plan is a 12 Week interactice webinar course designed to help you create, convert, and take listings in volume. 12 weeks of coaching from three coaches focused on maxing out your listing strategy!

Fun fireside chats (no real fires...🔥) with our experts discussing best practices for dominating ANY listing market! Become the listing King or Queen in your market with three top coaches guiding your every step.

BONUS #6 - The Ultimate COMMUNICATION Plan ($297 value)

Communication strategies are critical for developing a business. Within your team, organization, or client base, knowing the systems, tools, and powerful hacks to streamline communication gives you an amazing competitive edge. 

From the technology driving communication advances to the tools used to power some of the most scalable organizations in the world, learn how the best of the best do it every day!

BONUS #7 - The Ultimate TEAM Plan ($297 value)

Whether you are building a team of one or 20, learn the strategies, scripts, recruiting methods, and more to build a scalable business that sells! You don't want to miss this one!!!

Get the team contracts, recruiting scripts, behavior profiles, craigslist and hiring company ads, management strategies, and admin guides to produce top tier results every time.

BONUS #8 - The Ultimate AUDIT Plan™ System ($297 value)

When you want to increase your horsepower, you look under the hood. Our audit system offers you a comprehensive step-by-step process to analyze your business' inner workings.

As they say, you can't master what you don't measure!!!

So, here's what you get:

  • Season Pass - Weekly Zoom Forum ($3,564 value)
  • Season Pass - Monthly Personal Implementation Calls ($3,000 value)
  • Season Pass - VIP Retreat ($1,797 value)
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Buyers Plan ($297 value) 
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Launch Plan ($600 value)
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Flipping Plan ($297 value)
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Systems Plan ($297 value)
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Listing Plan ($997 value)
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Communication Plan ($297 value)
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Team Plan ($297 value)
  • BONUS - The Ultimate Audit Plan™ System Delivered ($297 value)

* No refunds. Monthly contract purchasers accept that their credit card will be charged 12 even payments at the indicated price. All sales are final.

* No refunds. Monthly contract purchasers accept that their credit card will be charged 12 even payments at the indicated price. All sales are final.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many coaches are on my 1-on-1 Personal Implementation Calls? A: With three experts keeping an eye on your business, we have the flexibility to meet your needs in real time. Sometimes, we may all be on the call – and sometimes, a true 1-on-1 coaching experience will be most effective. Our promise to you is to utilize our resources in your best interests.

Q: How many coaches are on each Zoom Forum meeting? A: Three, barring any sickness or emergencies. We may also have special guests from time to time.

Q: What is the release date for the BONUS content? A: All courses are recorded and then the subsequent release dates are announced to our members first and then to the public!